Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrifty Thursday Deals and Steals and a Freebie for One Lucky Winner!!

I just had to have this chair!
I've been on a shopping spree lately! The costs can really add up when setting up a new room! I've recently found some great deals I wanted to share with you on this thrifty Thursday!

Walmart offers free home delivery with a minimum purchase of 45 dollars on certain items. I found this zebra task chair and ordered it this morning! It was more than I wanted to spend at 59 dollars, but justified it with the free shipping and the convenience of having it delivered. Love, love, love this chair! I want one for home too!

Also at Walmart and quite a steal at 15 dollars each, hot pink bean bag chairs!

These plastic stacking trays and paper bins are in the Target dollar aisle. The stackers are the perfect size for task cards. I will keep my book club question cards in one of them, partner pairing cards in the second and my math word problem task cards in another.

I bought these baskets at the local dollar store for a dollar each. They are the perfect size for forward facing chapter books. I stocked up on these!

Poms are all the fashion right now, so I was happy to find these at Party Adventure. They are 16 inches and you get three for 10 dollars. Another wonderful blogger, sorry, I can't recall who it was...shared a tip for rounding the edges, which I plan to do. Everything you need like ribbon and wire is in here and the tissue already folded! I recently saw a site selling single poms for an outrageous amount per pom and charging shipping to boot. I had purchased a much more expensive kit from Martha Stewart and promptly marched it back to the store! There are lots of online tutorials out there to make your own in the event that you have a hard time finding the perfect colors. Party Adventure also had tissue flowers and matching banners.

Next on my list is to find a good deal on fabric for my enormous bulletin board wall and to locate some cheap but durable magazine bins for Ipick book boxes for Daily Five. If you know of any good places to get them, please let me know! I signed up for the Jo-Ann and Michael's coupon apps. They will come in handy!

I made a set of sight word shaker bottles with candies and sprinkles I had laying around the house that no one was about to eat. I only put in a few words for demonstration purposes because I can't get into the building to laminate them right now. 

My plan is to put only ten words at a time in there for a Word Work activity during Daily Five. With 220 words and 95 nouns, this center will last a long time! They're cuter and more colorful in person! The kids will love this! I'll have to tell them the candies are old or they fell on the floor! There's always one kiddo who will want to taste-test whenever we use candy manips!

You can get the set at my shop for only two dollars! I made the mini-slips for all Dolch words and a recording sheet. You get to do the fun part~ assemble the bottles!:) These are little Tropicana raspberry lemonade containers filled with Nerds, sprinkles and Skittles. Click on the first picture to see it at my TPT shop!

Since my last guessing game was so much fun, we'll have another go at it!

Once upon a time... a long, long time ago.... (hint, hint), I received a whole case of Nerds, which had just come out, as a birthday gift from a friend who knew how I used to love them so...
If you can be the first to guess how old I was, the shaker sight word center download is yours! I got this image off My Favorite Retro Candy Site! At the time, these were the only two flavors.

Leave me your email in the comment with your guess! :)

Off to visit another dollar store!


  1. Were you 12 years old? LOL

  2. I will guess 9 years old!
    Looks like you have found some great stuff. Happy Shopping!

    Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

  3. Were you 6?

  4. I LOVE this idea! Have you had any trouble with the candies rubbing off their color onto the word cards? I'm gonna have to say sweet 16!

    Cathy I.

  5. Cathy,
    You are right! It was my sweet 16! Awesome job guessing!
    I made sure that my bottles were nice and dry before putting the candies in. I have had them in there for a few days now shaking around and the color does not seem to be rubbing off. When I print the set on cardstock, I am going to laminate the words and that should make them last!
    I'll send the file your way! Congrats!

  6. Hi!

    I saw that you had posted on Primary Graffiti's blogpost about the Post Card Exchange. I am also very sad that the spots were already taken in Florida. Therefore, I am starting a copycat Post Card Exchange for anyone who is feeling left out! I will be taking care of making the labels and compiling the list, just like Mrs.Saoud is doing. All I need is people to sign up! I am also going to be following the same rules as she is. You must be willing to spend the money, you need all the postcards, postage, and labels, etc. Please let me know if you are interested. If so, please send me your STATE, SCHOOL NAME, YOUR NAME, AND SCHOOL ADDRESS in which the post card will be mailed to. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks :)

    Lacey Whidden (Beware!: Under Construction)

    p.s. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let people know about this so we can fill up the list! Thanks :)

  7. Love all of your thrifty finds! The colors are just great. And how cute is your sight word shaker?!?!? Love it!


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