Sunday, January 26, 2014

Math Activities with Numbers 0-10

What can you do with a card set of numbers 0-10? Maybe more than you can possibly imagine for good, simple math fun! They can be used for addition, subtraction, comparing numbers, even/odd practice, place value and more! 

I made a set of number cards for each of my students to use for various math activities and partner games. I like them better than a deck of playing cards because we don't have as many face to cards to take out and sometimes you just need a ZERO! 

If you like, you can download this FREEBIE set from my dropbox for your kiddos to use by clicking on the image! 

The file includes a list of some easy peasy activities to use in the classroom. Read below to see how I used them!

Cards in Action

For a cute and colorful set, I printed mine on colored cardstock and laminated them. I store them in library pockets from Creative Teaching Press and keep them in this cute box from the Target Dollar Spot. 

 Some activities start with a shuffled deck turned upside down in a draw pile. 

We lined them up in order from greatest to least and then turned over some to show only odd numbers.

Next, the students had to show a two-digit number that was even.

The cards went back into a pile and then they were asked to flip up three cards. The task was to show the greatest number with those cards. It got tricky when those zeros turned up. Zero is not nothing! Zero is something!

Elbow partners had to work together and compare numbers to see who made the largest. 

 When a ten was turned up, it lead to some great discussion regarding place value to the thousands place.

 Hmmm...what to do with that zero?
 The rule was set that it can't be taken away. 

  Yes, that works!

Next, four cards had to be turned up. The students could create a double digit addition problem of their choice and record it and solve it in their math notebook. Next, they were asked to rearrange some or all of the cards to create a different problem in which the sum remained the same (most saw that it could be the turn-around), and again in a way that would result in a different sum

 The next challenge was just that, but it was such a great one for getting the kiddos really thinking. 

I called out a direction to create a two-digit subtraction problem where regrouping would be necessary. This is a new concept that was only recently introduced.

One student showed this problem. They were on the right track with the digits in the ones place but failed to look at the entire problem. This was a great opportunity for questioning.

 This student got it right away!

  Another student made a model using his pencils to help himself to better see tens and ones in columns as he had seen on many practice papers. Because he had trouble with the concept of regrouping, I was able to pull out another card from my teaching set of extras to use as an overlay to demonstrate what we had done days prior when we decomposed cubes stacked in towers of ten. 

I cannot wait to get the cards out again!
 My students love all card and dice games, basically, any opportunity to get away from a worksheet and so do I! 

In just 15 minutes, we had a wonderful math review and I learned so much about my each of my students and where they each were in their mathematical thinking and skill

Enjoy the freebie! Hope you can find some great ways to use the cards with your class!

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Freebie Winter Math Center Activity

Set out some mini marshmallows, a cute game mat and a recording sheet and you have a fun and easy winter math activity! I named it Penguin Snowball Toss!

I made this fun center to help my kiddos who struggle with addition combinations to twenty. There is also a recording sheet for combinations to ten for little learners. 

Have the children help you count out ten or twenty marshmallows in small festive cups or a little plastic bowl. At the center, they take turns, shake the snowballs and spill them across the mat. Then, they count how many landed on the mat and how many were tossed off the mat and record the combinations on the chart included. 

If you think this looks like a fun thing to add to your penguin or winter thematic unit, you can download this freebie at my store. Click on the picture to take you there! 

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

100th Day Activities for the Classroom and a Giveaway

Before you know it, we will be celebrating the 100th Day of school. It's a really big deal especially for Kindergartners and Firsties! My 100th Day packet of printables and activities has had a major makeover! I have expanded to set to include many new pages I think my class will love! 

This item is perfect for a new teacher looking for ideas for your first 100th Day celebration! It has everything you need to plan your day with worksheets, writing pages, a poem, center activities and projects, a class snack, a 100th day photo prop, collections, awards and even has ready-made parent letters to send home.

Maybe you have had more 100's Days than you care to count, like me, and just want some more resources to add to the things you already do on the big day. You can check out the item and read more at my store by clicking on any of the pictures! The set is priced at a discount for a short time.

You can download a freebie coloring page from the set here

My Blog Makeover!
Ta Da! I was so excited to log in today to see that the talented Alicia at Dreamlike Magic was able to finish the installation of my blog template! The other template I had was a freebie and just disappeared one day!

I have several blogs and did not want to spend a lot for a custom design since I already have one at Creative Lesson Cafe. This beautiful flowery design  is one of their premade templates. If you are on a budget but want a fresh new look, you should go check out the other designs she has to offer. They are all cute and colorful. Perfect for a teacher blog. 

This is the header from my classroom blog for parents also a premade by Alicia.

Its just my style too! 

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Arctic Animals PowerPoint

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Enough already!Another big blast of winter and an arctic air mass is heading our way. There may be a snow day on the first day back from break! Good grief! What do I do when a massive winter storm is approaching? After stocking up on groceries, filling up the tank and other responsible stuff, I finish a PowerPoint about arctic animals!

January, especially in snowy states, is a great time of year for an arctic animals thematic unit. I plan to use this powerPoint as a "big book" to project onto the SMARTBoard as we go through our unit. 

I purchased some gorgeous photographs to include for 15 of the fascinating animals of the arctic circle. Each page contains some interesting facts and also describes the adaptations that make each of these creatures well-suited for the harsh environment in which they live.

Here's a look at some of the slides included:

To see and read more at my store, click on any of the images. 
This new item is 50% off for the first 24 hours! If this is something you might like for your class, you can grab it up at a great price! 

Usually friends, I would ask that you do the snow dance for me or put that white crayon under your pillow or whatever superstitions might give us a snow day, but I've had enough time off and will save my favor for another occasion! :)