Saturday, November 19, 2011

Turkey Math on the Smartboard

The children had fun practicing addition, subtraction, patterning and even multiplying with this Thanksgiving-themed Smart Notebook file I created!Here are a few of the pages:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Clip Art

Tag Assembly- 220 Dolch words

The first graders gathered together to honor classmates who have earned point tags for Accelerated Reader and sight word recognition. These students earned a tag for knowing all 220 of the Dolch words! Six of these students are in our classroom!Congratulations!

Play Practice

We've been busy getting ready for our Thanksgiving play by creating costumes, making props and rehearsing our lines!The children are so excited about our upcoming performance and feast!

Hop Back to Subtract

Ms. McLennan presented an interactive lesson for subtraction using a number line. The lesson began with a story about hopping frogs. She created lilly pads and a frog for students to hold while hopping backward to subtract. Students used the number line on their desk plates to apply this skill to completing subtraction problems.

Our Family Tree

The children drew these adorable pictures of their family. They are displayed on our "Family Tree" bulletin board.

Native American Shields

Students painted Chinette plates and decorated them with feathers, streamers and sequins. They colored a thunderbird or teepee (clip art images enlarged) and glued it onto the center of the shield. Our shields will decorate the classroom and be used as part of the costumes for our feast play.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Addition Bingo

We practiced our addition skills while playing bingo!

Hoot Cart

Mr. Rose and Mrs. Buk brought the hoot cart around for the first time. Students were able to trade in the tickets they had earned for coupons and other prize items from the cart!

Scarecrow Project

We made these adorable scarecrows to hang in the classroom!

Candy Wrapper Math

The children enjoyed our math activities using Halloween candy wrappers. Students worked together to decide on ways to sort and group candy.

Giving Thanks

Ms. Elesia made a turkey for our November bulletin board. The students wrote about something that they are thankful for!

Earning Feathers

Students decorated headbands and are working to earn feathers during the month of November!

Halloween Party