Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snowmen Ten Friends- Mini-Marshmallow Math and Activity Cards- Addends for Ten

We just started our math fact unit. This fun activity will help the students memorize their ten friends! My first graders loved using their mini-marshmallow snowballs!

Fractions in Action-Skittles Share, Mini-Marshmallows, Hershey Bars and Pizza!

The question was posed....How can we share 22 skittles fairly between 6 members at a table group? This led to some interesting points of discussion and a whole lot of fun learning about fair shares, dividing and remainders!

We learned about the fractions 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4th with pizza shapes!

Doesn't this look realistic!

This is the solution to sticky chocolate fingers! Check this out at my shops! My class loved it!

Next we wrote the fractions we made using mini-marshmallows!

This was a freebie from Mrs. Bainbridge! Thanks soooooo much! My class really loved this! Imagine teaching numerator and denominator in first grade! They got it and loved it! 20 marshmallows worked perfectly. The key- (each marshmallow picture represents two) was the tricky part and now all my graphing practice includes a key like this!

Fractions in Action-Chocolate Chip Cookies

We are having such a blast with our food-themed fractions unit! Some of the items in these pictures are available at my shops. It all started when "the doorbell rang....."

The students had to show fair shares with their chocolate chip cookie manipulatives.

More Christmas Crafting!

Yes, I am a little behind with my posting but wanted to be sure to include pictures of this really cute craft we made as a gift for the parents! Thanks Mrs. B. for the great idea!

Inside the jars is a string of holiday lights! Add an inexpensive black glove (Target sells them for $1 a pair) and tie it up with a fabric ribbon!

Groundhog Day Unit Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook

February 2nd is almost here! I'm so excited about my new Groundhog Day mini-unit! This year, I decided to spice up my class graphing activity and poems with some adorable groundhog clip art from Scrappin Doodles! Check out my newest items for sale at Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook for your February holidays and themes! Here is a sampling of a few of the fun activities!

Monday, January 23, 2012

100th Day~Hip Hip Hooray!

The countdown is on to the 100th day!

This handy resource has everything you need to make your celebration easy to plan and loads of fun for your kiddies!

One popular 100th day activity is having students collect and share 100 things.
 Here's a helpful hint:

Send home a quart-sized ziplock baggie for the collection. That way the children can easily get it to school and it's the perfect size to dislay on a bulletin board!

 Send home the nifty printable form I have created inside the baggie. Students fill out the form to describe their collection and read it to the class during sharing time!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Arctic Animals and Teachers Notebook

I'm very excited to start our new unit on arctic animals! It's perfect timing here in Michigan! I found a really cute arctic animal color and write packet by EinsteinDNA on Teachers Notebook that I will use with my students as we study each animal. Our district is encouraging our young students to do more non-fiction writing. EinsteinDNA also made a great Powerpoint with fantastic photographs of arctic animals! I created this poetry collection to use with my students during our Walk to Read where we practice fluency. You have to check it out at my shop! It's so adorable! Don't you just love Scrappin Doodles graphics!? I also made a polar bear freebie for write your words and an arctic-themed attendance file for the Smartboard!

The polar bear attendance file is not currently available but will be again soon!
 Check in at Creative Lesson Cafe!

This one is a freebie! Go grab it at my shop! I use it for word wall practice with sight words and for spelling practice!