Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sight Words-Christmas Cookie Crunch

During Daily Five word work, students work at the Smartboard to practice their sight words. I animated the cookies so that there is a munching sound as the cookie slowly fades away to reveal a sight word hidden below. It's so cute and the kids are very excited to take their turn at the board! Which one is your favorite?

Christmas Projects and Family Celebrations Bulletin Board

Bring on the glitter! The holiday crafting has begun! Here are a few of our latest projects and some of our fabulous family projects!

Holidays Around the World

In Social Studies, we have started a new unit on December holidays around the world. Here is the Smartboard activity I made for the students. It contains links to visit sites to hear stories, watch educational videos, links to interactive activites and more! When we visit each of the countries, we stamp our passport, color the country on our map and write and illustrate what we have learned in our mini-books.

St. Nicholas visited and left treats and gold coins in our wooden shoes!

We made a tannebaum in computer lab using shape tools and looked for the christmas pickle on my teacher tree!

We lit an interactive menorrah and watched a performance!

The children played a game of dreidel with m&m's!

Gingerbread Man Math on the Smartboard

We're having so much fun in math using our Smartboard! I've been busy creating lots of files for the holidays! Here are a few slides from one I made for the students with a gingerbread man theme!They love it best when the gingerbread men run away for the subtraction problems!

Turkey Tear Art

This project was so easy and the kids really loved it! Just find a reproducible pattern of any kind and provide different colors of construction paper squares to rip and paste onto the image! Here are our torn paper turkeys:

Thanksgiving Play

The children really enjoyed learning about the First Thanksgiving as we practiced and performed our play, song and dance!A big thanks goes out to our wonderfully generous families for all of the delicious dishes you contributed to our feast!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Turkey Math on the Smartboard

The children had fun practicing addition, subtraction, patterning and even multiplying with this Thanksgiving-themed Smart Notebook file I created!Here are a few of the pages: