Saturday, January 4, 2014

Arctic Animals PowerPoint

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Enough already!Another big blast of winter and an arctic air mass is heading our way. There may be a snow day on the first day back from break! Good grief! What do I do when a massive winter storm is approaching? After stocking up on groceries, filling up the tank and other responsible stuff, I finish a PowerPoint about arctic animals!

January, especially in snowy states, is a great time of year for an arctic animals thematic unit. I plan to use this powerPoint as a "big book" to project onto the SMARTBoard as we go through our unit. 

I purchased some gorgeous photographs to include for 15 of the fascinating animals of the arctic circle. Each page contains some interesting facts and also describes the adaptations that make each of these creatures well-suited for the harsh environment in which they live.

Here's a look at some of the slides included:

To see and read more at my store, click on any of the images. 
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Usually friends, I would ask that you do the snow dance for me or put that white crayon under your pillow or whatever superstitions might give us a snow day, but I've had enough time off and will save my favor for another occasion! :)

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