Friday, June 29, 2012

Holy Heat Wave Sale

Wow! It's a scorcher again today! I spent yesterday floating on my air mattress at beautiful Stony Creek beach, which was the perfect place to be with the temperature reaching 100 degrees. That is rare for this part of Michigan! I just got back from a morning walk and decided to keep cool inside today since I'm a little sunburned, blogging, posting and maybe running errands. Maybe you've decided to do the same. I know many of you have temperatures in the triple digits too!

If you can't head to the beach or pool (oh how I wish I had a pool...), it's the perfect time to stay inside and browse for some items on sale, right?

I'm having a Holy Heat Wave Sale today through July 3rd so come and grab some of your favorite items from my shops!

Stay Cool!

While out doing errands, I bought this at Home Depot for the registers in the upper level of my home. It works great! You just put it on top of your register and plug it in! What a difference!

It's the Register Booster Equalizer EQ2

Stay Cool!


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  1. Jeannine, The Michigan Meet up is at this site:

    I plan to add it to my blog later tonight. . . so stay tuned.

    Second In Line


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