Sunday, June 24, 2012

Classroom Chic Giveaway and Classroom Cute

I am so excited because this summer, I will get to move into and set up a new room!  I am going for an entirely new look and want to move away from the primary colors I have had for so long. So, I've been playing around with some theme sets and working on several to see which one will look best with the storage items, posters, pocket charts, lamps, and furniture that I have spent a bundle on over the years in the name of cuteness. I'd like to give it all away and start over but that's not about to happen so, I've got to see what works best with what I have. Most importantly, to work around the glider from my baby's room (the baby is heading off to high school next year :)) which is now the cozy corner and focal point for gathering in the room! 

 I love the simple look of black and white with some brights here and there. This is my new Classroom Chic Set in black and teal. I am having a Giveaway on Teachers Notebook. If you like it, here's the link to enter to win it:

I saw that Creative Teaching Press just came out with a whole new line of black and white borders and accessories that would be perfect for my bulletin board wall. Yes, an entire wall that takes three days to cover in fabric, add borders to and decorate, so I'll have to love it for a long time! I'll be walking into Joanne's with my printables in hand matching fabric colors! 

Here's theme idea #2 in my Classroom Cute Set-Polka Dot Owls (our school mascot):   

Coming soon to the collection: Classroom Colorful, a coordinating polka dot owl clip chart for behavior management and new CAFE posters so check back to see what's new! 

I'd love to hear about your classroom theme, or ones you've seen that you might like to have:) so leave me a comment and a link to see it if you can!  Have a lovely week!


  1. trying to decided on a first year theme, any suggestions. I am teaching Kindergarten!

  2. Hi Ali! Thanks for stopping by my blog! There are so many cute decor sets out there! If I were teaching kindergarten, I would stick with bright colors and maybe something that has a rainbow of colors, so any new items you may purchase will match no matter what color they are. I went with black and bright. Posters I already own look great with it!


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