Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Candy Math Activities and Project Idea

Look at these adorable panda bear hugger bags for our Valentine cards! I found a version of a mini-bag and modified it to make a project large enough to hold all the goodie bags and Valentine cards. The panda is hugging a medium-sized white gift bag with the handles cut off. I found the idea but my student teacher (being the artistic one) made the pattern pieces. We traced various paper plates, round objects and hearts until coming up with the perfect pattern! Rachel drew long ovals for the arms. The head will be glued to the back to peek over the bag.

I'm so excited for our Valentine Day Activities! I try to theme the entire day and for every subject, a Valentine activity of some kind! Over the years, I've collected lots of worksheets and put them in a file. In my overflowing February box are many outdated and "dirty" copies of my favorite learning activities so I've started to revise them, make them more challenging and definately much cuter! Here are my candy heart, m&m graph and penguin Smartboard activities.

I prep my materials a week ahead of time, so it is really helpful to have a way to keep candy manipulatives stored until redy for use. I use a Sterilite container that fits about 28 dixie cups perfectly!


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