Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buddy Read

In addition to leveled readers, our students participate in whole-group reading instruction. The purpose for this is to enjoy stories as a learning community and to focus mini-lessons for comprehension, fluency and word attack strategies on a story that everyone is familiar with. On Mondays, we begin by taking a picture walk and trying to get a sense for what the story is about. I read the story aloud to the students and they follow along. Next we talk about the story, including the story elements like character and setting, problem and solution. One student is selected to retell the story in their own words. On Tuesday, I read one sentence and the students echo read, modeling after my phrasing and expression. Students track using their glitter sticks. They love this! The next day, we practice our rate and fluency by doing a choral read in which all students, and myself, read aloud at the same time. Afterward, I use 'pick sticks' for turn-taking and one student at a time is chosen during 'popcorn read' to read aloud a portion of the text to the class. Thursday is buddy reading day. This is their favorite, of course!Also on Thursday, we bring the anthology home in our book bags to read the story with our parents. By this time, we know the story very well and the students are proud of their fine reading! Later in the year, all students will take an AR test on the story on Friday.

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