Monday, May 14, 2012

Time to Plant, Grass Heads and a Freebie!

With our cute Mother's Day projects finished and sent home (whew!), we are ready to start a new unit on plants. Today the kids were busy crafting away these big and bold flowers that will decorate our bulletin boards until the end of our school year in June.

Our unit will include this project for labeling plant parts. You can get it at my shops.

It was really great practice for cutting, gluing and planning out how to arrange the pieces. We did this whole-group and they turned out really cute!

I started the unit with this PowerPoint for the Smartboard. I found the most beautiful images to use for this. The kids just loved it!

There are also some Thinking Maps having to do with planting in my Spring Mind Maps packet.

This is our cute seed-themed May attendance for the Smartboard!

Here's a cute freebie for your planting unit! Enjoy!

Be sure to check out my Mother's Day post to see our cute pots and planting kits!

In case you were wondering what they were, here are the grass heads:

This activity is great fun! Have students bring in a colorful sock. The colorful socks should be bright but dark like blue, red or purple or the dirt stains will show through. Fill it with dirt and grass seed. Tie the end and flip it over. Push straight pins through button holes. Set them in a small cup of water or a saucer and watch your grass heads grow! I made these with an entire grade level of students so I rested them in an aluminum tray until they sprouted.

The kids love giving them a haircut! If you don't want to use socks, the dirt can be put in a cup and students can add wiggle eyes or draw a face with sharpie marker. I can't wait to do this!

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