Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mother's Day Scrapbook and Gift Ideas

My Mother's Day Lunch Bag Scrapbook is officially my number one selling item to date and I am just thrilled! I've gotten such positive feedback letting me know how adorable the projects turned out! I made one for my mom too and she loved it! If you're looking for a sweet, unique gift idea, you'll have to check it out at my shops! The giveaway on Teacher's Notebook has expired but check back often because I'll have more on a monthly basis!

We are busy crafting away in first grade. The children are painting 4 inch terra cotta pots with their choice of a variety of beautiful, spring-colored acrylic paints. I have decorated pots with my students in every way shape and form over the years and think I have finally come up with the simplest, nicest design of all-plain old white polka dots on a colored pot! I found the perfect supplies for painting at Joanne's. They make disposable rollers with handles! These are great for little hands and cheap too! I also purchased some dot painting sticks. They have a felt tip rather than a sponge. They are the perfect size and won't splat paint when used.

Rather than planting the traditional flower in the pot, I am sending home the gift as a planting kit. I am putting the soil in a ziplock baggie. I purchased large seeds and put them in one of those plastic ziplock earring bags also at Joanne's. I made colored copies of the seed pack and reduced the size of the image to place one in each tiny bag with the seeds. I found colorful shovels and kids garden tools in the dollar aisle at Target. I attached the seed bag to the stake with a ribbon and little cardstock card that read:
Mom, my love for you grows and grows! 

The kit was adorable and I did not have to worry about the plant getting crushed or broken on the way home or dirt spilling inside the bag and making a mess of our pretty pots! Depending on your budget, you could add a pair of garden gloves to your kit. That would be super-cute!


  1. That sounds really sweet! I do a whole Mom and Me Day and the child and Mom plant a flower in a pot together. I love it and so do the moms and kids. I really like your words and think I will add it to the pot. Thanks for sharing!


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